For decades, people have burned their lawns as a way to revitalize their yards and keep them beautiful. This practice has been believed to have many benefits to the upkeep of your grass, but it may not be as helpful as we once thought.

The Good


The Bad


Should You Burn Your Grass?

Green grass

Considering the pros and cons of burning your grass, it seems that there are better ways to maintain your lawn.

For example, you can reduce the amount of organic matter on your bermudagrass and zoysiagrass by mowing your lawn lower than usual when the grass first starts to grow. This gives soil and roots access to the sun which warms it up quicker and encourages a healthy green lawn.

While controlled burns may provide some benefits when performed by a trained professional, most of the advantages have been disproven or proven to be less effective than we originally thought. In this case, it seems the cons outweigh the pros, and it's best if you do not burn your grass.