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Spending your precious time on weed pulling, fertilizing, and mowing the grass can likely be better spent with you family, friends, and relaxing, right? Start enjoying your free time instead of trying to beat the elements and breaking your back doing work others can do professionally. Our goal is to provide customers with the top-notch lawn care Athens, GA has to offer. As your local yard beautification specialists, you can rely on us to keep your yard healthy and your shrubs and trees trimmed. Sit back, relax and let us take care of your needs!

Located in the North East Georgia, Athens contains a unique climate. While the majority of the year is warm, the winters can be surprisingly cold to those unfamiliar with our state. The city doesn’t receive a ton of snow, but it will usually see some form of ice or wintery precipitation at least once a year. Having served the town for years, Perfectly Green Lawn Care knows exactly what it takes for thriving lawn care in Athens, GA and the surrounding area.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy All Year

Perfectly Green Lawn Care offers year-round services. While you may not think there is much work to be done during the colder months, there are several steps you can take to have a healthy, green yard come spring time. From root builder to winterizer fertilization, we have the right treatment for any type of grass.

Mulching and Lawn Cleanup Services

Along with the typical yard care services, our company also provides a variety of additional services. Need some spring or fall cleanup services. Let us remove the dead plants, leaves and sticks that tend to accumulate over these periods. Want to add some mulch? We have you covered! Whenever you need Athens yard care or landscaping, we have you covered.

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Stop spending your free time tackling those outdoor chores. Contact us today and let us manage all your Athens yard care needs! If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly staff is here to assist you.