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a cockroach

No one likes having to deal with cockroaches and spiders scurrying across their floors and walls. That’s why at Perfectly Green Exterminators, we offer customizable pest control solutions that are environmentally friendly and affordable. Our mission is to give you a pest-free home so you don’t have to worry about getting bit or being startled in the middle of the night.

Our Extermination Solutions

Thorough Pest Inspections

After one of our exterminators inspects the layout of your house and you discuss the nature of your pest problem, we’ll develop a custom solution just for you. Doing this will ensure that all of your bugs are addressed and will help keep them out.

Interior and Exterior Pest Control

It’s not enough to kill the bugs that already inside your home. You also have to stop them from getting in. With our exterior perimeter pest control services, we can stop the bugs before they get inside your home. Of course, there’s always a chance that a few will sneak in, but our home interior pest control services will prevent them from getting too far.

Mosquito and Fire Ant Control

a mosquito on skin

At Perfectly Green Lawn Care, we do so much more than make sure you grass is beautiful. Though core aeration and lawn beautification is our main task, we do what is necessary to make sure your home and family are pest free. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call! Your friends at Perfectly Green Lawn Care are here to manage all of your Dacula, Georgia lawn maintenance, and pest control needs. Schedule your consultation today!

Pest Control Done Right

See the difference our Hamilton Mill exterminating specialists make. Plus, find out how you can save when you bundle our pest control service with our lawn care maintenance program. So give us a call at 770-831-6268 or fill out the form on our contact page.