Winter in Georgia means neighborhoods filled with Christmas lights, donning a few extra layers against the cold, and if we get lucky, we’ll see some snow. Transitioning from autumn to winter also means there are a few extra tasks to complete to ensure your lawn comes back to life easily and quickly come springtime. The experts at Perfectly Green Lawn Care have a few tips to help you put your lawn to bed the best way possible, so it wakes up in April beautiful, green, and refreshed.

Keep the Grass Trimmed

If you have cool season grasses, such as bluegrass or fescue, it’s a good idea to keep your lawn length to a minimum until the ground freezes. These grasses will continue to grow until this happens, so regularly maintaining and keeping the length of your grass short is important. Gradually cutting the length will also prevent your yard from experiencing shock, and help it to acclimate to the cold slowly. This will also prevent litter, like leaves, from smothering your lawn.

And speaking of leaves…

Get Rid of Yard Clutter

Perhaps the least fun thing about winter yard preparation is cleaning up nature’s debris. If you want to have a magnificently lush lawn in the springtime, then making sure your yard is clean and clear during winter is a must. Piles of leaves can result in uneven patches of growth, leaving unattractive brown spots in the middle of your lovely lawn.

There are two primary methods of leaf removal. The first is to consistently redistribute the leaves evenly across your yard, and then spread mulch on top of the leaves. This helps them to reabsorb back into the earth. This is the easiest and most beneficial way to handle yard debris.

lawn rake

The other method is simply to grab a good old fashioned rake. It’s best to wait for when the leaves are completely dry, if possible. This makes the task a bit easier and more efficient. Just make sure you don’t miss a spot, or you’ll find yourself with a polka-dot lawn when the warm weather hits.

Taking Care of Your Perennials

Taking care of your yard often means making a significant investment in all aspects of the landscape. So, when it comes to your perennial plants, you want them to complete as much of their growth cycle as possible before pruning or removing them for the season. Allowing your plants to do this gives them the opportunity to gather and store up all the energy they’ll need to survive the cold winter months.

lawn with frost

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