If you want your lawn to look more like a golf course and less like a dried up, patchy mess, then there’s three things you need to know: fertilization, aeration, and overseeding. With these three steps, your lawn will become thicker, greener, and healthier.


Aeration is the process of extracting cores from your lawn. These cores are comprised of three layers: grass, thatch, and soil. Once these cores are extracted, they are left on the surface of the lawn to decompose. Over time, the soil portion of the core will dry up, break apart, and settle back down onto the soil surface. Why is this so important?

The primary purpose of aeration is to relieve soil compaction. When soil is compacted, air cannot easily get to the soil. Aeration allows the lawn to breathe as well as opens up holes for water, fertilizer, and seed to easily penetrate down to the deeper parts of the soil. These holes also give the roots more space to grow.


Aeration also creates excellent conditions for seed germination. That’s why it’s best to do these things at the same time. As seed is spread across the lawn, some will make it into the aeration holes where they’ll grow right into the nutrient rich soil. After a few weeks, the seeds start to germinate and soon enough you’ll have fresh, new grass growing all over your lawn.


Fertilizer contains the nutrients grass needs to grow thick and strong. Fertilizing is best done on a regular schedule. You can also couple your fertilizer with a weed control application to keep invasive plants from robbing your grass of its nutrients.

By combining all three of these services together, you’re sure to have a golf course quality lawn in no time.