Mosquito Control

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Professional Mosquito Control Program

spraying a yard for mosquitoesPerfectly Green Lawn Care’s Professional Mosquito Control Program offers a comprehensive range of services. See below for more information about our 3 Phase Mosquito Control Program and how we can provide safe, effective and affordable Mosquito control for your home, business or special event. Not only are mosquitoes an annoyance, causing itchy painful bites, but can also spread harmful diseases.

Beginning monthly mosquito service early in the spring allows our trained technicians to eliminate breeding sites. Starting early is the key to a mosquito-free summer. Mosquitoes are the most significant vector of human disease in history, responsible for more human deaths annually than any other living creature. Not only do mosquitoes carry diseases that are dangerous to humans, they also transmit several diseases and parasites harmful to dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

Start your monthly mosquito service in early spring to prevent the eggs from turning into adults!

Mosquito Control for Special Events

Whether a wedding, fundraiser, swim party, family reunion or any other special occasion, don’t let mosquitoes ruin your get together. Contact us 48 hours in advance, and we will create a barrier of protection so that you and your guests can enjoy the occasion without distraction.

Your special event spray will provide weeks of mosquito-free activity without the distracting odors of other control methods, giving you one less detail to worry about.

Our 3-Phase Mosquito Control Program

Program consists of 7 treatments annually. All 3 phases are performed during each treatment.

1st Phase

Mosquito Barrier Treatment

  • We use industry-leading misters to safely apply EPA-approved products in areas known to harbor adult mosquitoes.
  • This keeps adult mosquitoes suppressed for up to 28 days and creates a mosquito repellant barrier.

2nd Phase

Larva Control

  • We inspect your property for standing water that may harbor larvae.
  • To prevent larvae from growing, we treat standing water and potential water collection areas with larvicide.

3rd Phase

Breading Source Reduction

  • We review and inspect your outdoor space for debris, containers, and other places where mosquitos can breed.

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