For almost a hundred years homeowners have had grass lawns that they wanted to keep green and healthy. In that century scientists, landscapers and horticulturists have determined a litany of ways that you can accomplish having a wonderful looking, lush lawn. Below we will outline a few methods in which you, too can have a fantastic lawn that will make the Joneses try to keep up with you.

You Can Aerate Your Lawn Using Spiked Shoes

As cool as this idea sounds, it’s a complete lie. Golf spikes or soccer cleats can neither one penetrate the thatching, much less actually put big enough holes to allow nutrients like oxygen, nitrogen and water to get to the roots of your grass. The best way to aerate is do have your yard core aerated. This process removes 2-3″ cores, or plugs, and can make a huge difference and allow your lawn to get all the tlc that it needs for the growing season.

A Little Watering is Good During a Drought

Although this will sound crazy a watering your lawn just a bit isn’t as good for your grass as it would be to let it dry out. So you may get a brown spot or two, but once the dry season is over that grass will still have firmly entrenched roots technically be healthy. By watering just little bits here and there during a drought, you’re actually causing the roots to come closer to the surface, effectively making that grass weaker. Your grass requires about 1-1.5 inches of rain per week. Watering typically takes 30 minutes of heavy sprinkling to equal an inch of rain water, so unless you’ve got that kind of time, let nature run its course.

Springtime is the Best Time to Seed

Seeding in the springtime is fantastic. But it’s not as important as seeding in the fall. When you (over) seed in the fall, the grass has time to form its root system and will be stronger through the harsh winter seasons. This will allow your lawn to come back strong in the spring with excellent green up potential.

Beer Can Rid Your Yard of Grub Worms

Who knows where this rumor got started? I guess enough of anything can kill something, but it would take an insane amount of beer to kill grub worms. They may not like the beer as much as you, but in order to even get to how deep they are in your yard you’d have to buy a whole lot of beer. This would probably kill your grass as well as any other plants. The cost alone would probably make anyone sick. Not to mention…who wants to waste all that beer? Call a professional to get rid of any unwanted pests.