The best time to Aerate your Bermuda grass lawn is in the early summer when the grass is rapidly growing and coming out strong. If you have compact or harder soil it is a good idea to aerate two times a year. You will need to have your lawn maintenance guy apply fertilizer and generously water the lawn after the aeration is complete. This will help the turf recover faster to the process.

How Aeration Works

When you aerate a lawn, you are poking holes with a mechanical device. The best of these are motorized and will pull plugs out because it has hollow times. The machine should be run one direction over the whole lawn and then go over again with a new direction to make sure you get very good coverage.

Stronger Roots & Healthy Grass

When you aerate like this it allows for water and nutrients to get down into the roots easier. This will in turn will help your lawn grow stronger roots and a greener lawn throughout the season. The stronger roots will also allow you to head off disease and resist drought issues. Once you have all the plugs laying out on the lawn you will need to rake or pull a 5 x 5 piece of carpet over the whole lawn. You would do this a few days after when the plugs have dry and will crumble easily in your hand.

Like we said in the beginning right now is a great time to do this on your Bermuda lawn. Late April through early may will give you the best results. You will know it is the right time when the lawn is greening up and quickly growing. Following these ideas will help you have a beautiful Bermuda lawn all summer long.