As you may be aware, May can be a very pivotal month in the different seasons of your lawn. If your lawn has been fertilized over the last few months, chances are it’s in great shape and virtually weed-free. There are a couple of schools of thought one had to get rid of the few weeds you may have left in your yard. One way is to hire a lawn service, have them treat it every 7 or 8 weeks, after a few treatments you’ll have fantastic results. Another way to get rid of weeds is the back-breaking bending down, kneeling down, sitting down or whatever it takes to get low to the ground and pull, cut and dig each part of each weed’s root system out. If that’s your thing, go for it.

Most people prefer the service plans of companies like Perfectly Green Lawn Care. They don’t cost very much and you don’t have to lift a finger. However, if you prefer to be environmentally sensitive, you can pull them all up yourself. Though the chemicals used can be harsh in large quantities, after a few hours your yard is safe to walk on and for animals to run through.


fertilizer pellets in grass

Fertilizing every month, usually a targeted time, like the end of the month, is a great habit to form. A good balance for fertilizer has a 4:1:2 ratio. But be sure to follow all instructions on the fertilizer you purchase and make sure to buy fertilizer meant for YOUR grass type (Zoysia, Centipede, Bermuda, Kentucky Blue, etc.). Because different fertilizers carry different amounts of nitrogen, be sure you know your grass species. One great thing about doing it yourself is that there is a nearly magical lawn supplement called weed and feed fertilizer. If you’ve seen small weeds popping up, this will take care of the weeds while still feeding your lawn.


a man mowing a green, healthy lawn

Properly mowing your lawn has a big impact on the health of your grass. Mowing right now can help take your lawn from dormant to active. As soon as grass is mowed it goes from focusing on growing roots and shifts the energy to growing the blades. That being said, never cut more than a quarter to a third of the blade off in one mowing. It’s ideal to keep the grass as long as you feel comfortable with. Now, don’t go getting in trouble with your HOA, but a little longer than an inch or two isn’t going to set off any alarms. We recommend 2 to 2.5 inches to keep the grass healthy. Clippings are great for your lawn. Since they are comprised (like us) of about 75% to 80% water, if you let them stay on the lawn, other than clumps, they’ll feed the nutrients back into your lawn.


watering grass

Watering during May, at least in Georgia, should be about 1” a week. The rain may suffice, but a supplemental watering once or twice a week. A helpful tip is that watering your lawn takes about 1 hour to get a ½ inch of irrigation. Always water long and deep, as it will allow the water to soak into all of the facets of your lawn.

Enjoy Your Lawn!

Give your lawn a lot of tender loving care in late April and throughout May and you’ll be rewarded by thick, green, lush growth and weed-free grass that is ready for a hot, dry summer. Just remember, water is essential to all growth. So even if you’re too busy to fertilize during the summer, at least make sure your grass gets plenty of water. You’ll be glad you did!