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Lawn Care Dacula, GA

When it comes to Dacula lawn care, you need a reliable company that is going to put in the effort and care it takes for a perfectly green lawn. That company is Perfectly Green Lawn Care.

Fertilization, Weed Control & More

When somebody hires a Dacula lawn care company, they expect them to provide professional service. This means the yard should look great, be maintained regularly and treated with quality products that include fertilization, weed control, root builder, etc. The end result is a gorgeous lawn that doesn’t require you spending each weekend laboring over to maintain.

Year-Round Yard Care

Many people are surprised to learn that Dacula landscaping and lawn maintenance companies continue to work hard throughout the colder months. The truth is that if you want a healthy lawn year-round, you need to treat it year-round. While many plants and grasses go dormant during winter, there are still a variety of treatments that need to be performed including deep root winterization and pre and post weed control.

Having served Dacula, GA and the surrounding areas for years, Perfectly Green Lawn Care has built a strong client base that knows they can count on us. We work year-round treating all types of grass to keep it healthy.

Whether you are having trouble achieving the beautiful lawn you want or you are simply tired of spending countless hours maintaining it, Perfectly Green Lawn Care is here to provide you with the service you need. Contact us today and let us show you the difference professional quality and experience can make on your yard!