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Lawn Care Flowery Branch, GA

A fantastically groomed lawn and proper landscaping of all shrubs and trees can increase the value of your home by up to 15%. It’s nice to have a beautiful home, inside and out, but when you can add value to something you own and it has aesthetic appeal, it’s really hard to top that. If you’re in need of lawn care in Flowery Branch, Ga contact the professional landscaping team at Perfectly Green LawnCare so they can visit your home and make sure you are making the most of your outdoor living situation. They’ll be happy to get your grass or your flowerbed health on the right path so when the next season arrives the Joneses are the ones trying to keep up with you.

Aeration & Over-Seeding in Autumn

There is more to Flowery Branch lawn care than fertilizing, mowing and weed treatments. We cannot stress enough the importance of aeration and over-seeding. It’s not just a myth. Unlike the hair on your head, your lawn really will come back thicker and fuller in the next few months if it has been aerated and properly seeded. The reason aeration is so important is that it pulls cores of soil out of the lawn and allows the seeds, nutrients, water, and air to get down to the roots of the existing turf. Over-seeding is important because it can help thicken up thin areas and bald spots, and by doing it this early it will give this grass a chance to weather a cold winter for stronger roots in the future.

Tree & Shrub Care

When people think of lawn care they typically think of green lush lawns and pine straw. You can’t forget about the tree and shrub care program that Perfectly Green LawnCare offers. It will keep your trees and shrubs in excellent condition to thrive in the warmer months and survive the wettest, harshest falls and winters. Not only will this service keep your shrubbery and any trees looking healthy, but it will also keep pests such as aphids and certain spiders whose webs can suffocate your beloved yard plants and trees.

Custom Treatments for Your Yard

One thing that customers really appreciate is the extent to which we analyze and care for their lawn. With so many factors that contribute to the health of your grass, it takes a lot of effort to achieve the desired results. Our crew will examine the pH level of your soil, the amount of light your yard receives, moisture levels and and a variety of other factors. With all of this unique information, we are able to develop the custom lawn care plan needed for your yard to thrive.

Full Service Flowery Branch Lawn Care

Keeping up a healthy and beautiful lawn is no easy job. With the wide range of temperatures and weather Flowery Branch receives year-round, your yard requires a lot of attention. There is quite a bit to learn about what to do with your property and how to do it effectively and efficiently. If you think you might not be up to the challenge or it’s something you may want to do, give Perfectly Green LawnCare a call today or fill out the form on this page for a free estimate.