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Lawn Care Gainsville, GA

The County Seat of Hall County, Gainesville, Georgia is home to over 33,000 residents. Several food companies and farms are located in Gainesville including Koch Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride and Fieldale Farms. With a subtropical climate, Gainesville is known for it’s hot, humid summers. Winter months see a wide range of weather. Temperatures are frequently below freezing, but the city does not receive much snow. Having served Hall County for years, Perfectly Green knows what it takes for a thriving lawn in this unique climate. From spreading pine and wheat straws and winter irrigation to green-up tips aeration and over-seeding, we have all your Gainesville lawn care needs covered.

Getting Rid of Ugly Weeds

Weeds are ugly. Just when you think they can’t be any more horrible, weeds will go and out-ugly other weeds. They’re hideous and their growth can inhibit proper grass nourishment and cause major damage to your lawn and flower beds. A lot of the more invasive weed species are aggressive and can seriously cause your yard lots of trouble. Luckily our Gainesville lawn care specialists are trained to identify and “weed-out” these pesky maniacs and help bring the beauty back to your lawn and shrubbery. Our techs can get rid of broadleaf weeds, dandelions, crabgrass and many other species of weeds that are invading your beautiful landscape.

Fall Aeration and Over-Seeding

Sure you’ve heard of aeration and over-seeding in the fall. You hear it on the radio, on TV spots and in print ads. The reason you see so much about it is because it’s vitally important to help you maintain a healthy lawn that will survive the winter and will green-up extremely well in the spring months. When you aerate your lawn in the fall you, you are essentially pulling cores of your soil out of the ground so that it leaves holes for water, nutrients and air have better access to the roots of the grass. Some of the main benefits of this process are that you can fill in lighter areas of your lawn, thicken up some thin spots and ultimately heal your lawn from a summer of insects, heat and traffic. Your main goal with aerating and over-seeding is to thicken your lawn.

Gainesville Lawn Service

Whether you’re looking for a complete revamping of your Gainesville lawn or you just would like more information about healthy lawns and Perfectly Green Lawn Care, give us a call. Be sure to fill out the form on the left for a free estimate for any of our lawn services.