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Lawn Care Winder, GA

Attention all Winder, GA residents! Do you wish your lawn looked greener and fuller? Turn your wish into a reality by calling the lawn care guys at Perfectly Green Lawn Care. Our experts will set you up with a lawn care plan that is sure to give you the lawn you’ve always wanted.

Year-Round Winder Lawn Care

Tired of struggling to get your lawn to look the way you want? Well, the struggle is over. Perfectly Green is your trusted source for lawn care in Winder, GA. Our process is proven to improve lawn density, color, and overall health. We perform our services year-round. Yes, even during the winter. This ensures total lawn care is being delivered.

Our Winder lawn care technicians have years of experience. They know exactly what your lawn needs to grow better and stronger

Treatment Program

Perfectly Green uses an 8-round treatment process.

Round 1 – Early Spring 1st Pre-emergent / Deep Root Winterizer / Root Builder
(January through mid-February)

Round 2 – Spring Pre-emergent/Post
(late February through early April)

Round 3 – Spring Green Up & Pre-emergent
(April through late May)

Round 4 – Early Summer Fertilization
(late May through early July)

Round 5 – Mid-Summer Treatment
(July through mid-August)

Round 6 – Early Fall Pre-emergent
(Late August through end September)

Round 7 – Late Fall Treatment
(October through November)

Round 8 – Lime pH balance & Winterizer fertilization
(November and December)

By coupling our process with premium fertilizer blends and emergent treatments, you’re sure to have a better looking lawn.

Get A Better Looking Yard

If you live in the Winder, Georgia area and want a better looking yard, give us a call at 770-831-6268. You can also go to our contact page and fill out our contact form. We’ll send one of our lawn care providers to do a lawn analysis to see how we can best serve your needs. We always promise excellent customer service every time and the results should speak for themselves.