Ridding Your Grass of Armyworms

Though armyworms look like harmless caterpillars, they can actually wreak devastating havoc on your bermudagrass lawn. As moth larvae, armyworms can chew grass blades all the way to the ground, causing brown patches all over the place.

Typically found on bermudagrass, especially in the south, armyworms will infest lawns and cause horrific trouble. The initial signs of this nuisance are small brown patches of grass that appear to have the edges of blades gnawed. Many blades can be completely eradicated.

So, what exactly are Armyworms?

Armyworms are the juvenile larvae of a small moth. While juvenile, the caterpillars tend to be light green, tan, and yellowish-green. The species normally found in Georgia, They turn darker tan, brown, and some almost look black as they mature. At full size, larvae are about one to two inches long and are usually without hair. To identify them, you may see brown, yellow, or green stripes or dots down the whole length of the body. They usually eat grass blades, namely Bermuda, but armyworms will also feat on veggies like corn, cabbage, peppers, and more. A full-scale infestation can completely eviscerate a lawn in less than a week.

Maintenance and Prevention

Armyworms’ natural enemies freezing temperatures, but that may not destroy all of them. The adult moths are tan or light brown measuring around an inch long and sporting a white spot in the middle section of each wing. The females will become egg-layers once mature, and typically attach loads of eggs onto tree leaves or broader-leafed grass. As the larvae migrate to the lawn, their destruction is normally apparent near the edges of your lawn. As they grow and feed, they’ll leave brown patches throughout your lawn. The blades of grass that are affected are now ragged where these vermin have fed, and some grass might look non-existent.

Perfectly Green Lawn Care offers insect treatment to rid your lawn of these critters and to get your grass looking healthy, lush, and green. Give us a call today for more info!