Imagine you are outside grilling at your family’s cookout. Everyone is having a great time but you are constantly getting bit by mosquitos. Soon, everyone is getting bit and now they are itchy and cranky. That might mean it’s time for Mosquito Control. In this blog post, we will discuss the top reasons why your home needs mosquito control.
The first reason why you should get mosquito control is because of diseases. Mosquitoes drink our blood every day and they feed about five to six times a day, which means they are feeding on 5 to 6 different people. With them going from person to person, they could catch a disease. Mosquitos have been known to carry diseases like Malaria, Zika Virus, and the West Nile Virus.

Another reason you should get mosquito control is that you can go outside without worrying about having another annoying bite. Bug bites are the worst! They itch and you could possibly get an infection if you scratch too much. Bug bites also last for about two weeks.
The last reason you should get mosquito control is that you won’t have to wear bug spray anymore. Bug spray can get sticky and gross. It also leaves a strong smell around.
If after reading this blog you want mosquito control, call Perfectly Green Lawncare today! Perfectly Green Lawn Care’s Professional Mosquito Control Program offers a comprehensive range of services. Our program consists of 7 treatments annually and 3 phases are performed during that time. The 1st phase is a Mosquito Barrier Treatment. The 2nd phase is Larva Control and the 3rd is Breading Source Reduction. You can request a quote for your treatment today!