Is your lawn looking a little sad lately? The cause of that might be thatch. What is thatch? In this blog post, we will talk about what thatch is, how to tell if you have thatch, and what to do about it.
First, let’s discuss what thatch is. Thatch is comprised of layers of dead and still living grass roots. That layer lies between the grass above and the roots below. The thing about thatch is that it is broken down very slowly because of the chemical compound in it.
Thatch can be caused by many things. One reason it can be caused is if you over-fertilize your lawn. Thatch can also be caused by your soil being too acidic. Another thing that can cause thatch is watering your lawn too much or too little.

If you believe you have thatch and want to make sure, there is one primary way to see exactly how much you have. The way to check for thatch is to dig up a spot of your grass and measure the thickness of the thatch. If it is measuring close to an inch, you are having a thatch problem.
After discovering too much thatch, what is your next step? You can do a few things to remove excess thatch from your lawn. One thing you can do is rake your yard, By raking, you will be physically removing all of the thatch. Another thing that can help is aerating your lawn. Aerating a lawn is creating holes in the yard so that there is an improvement in nutrients and water being taken in by the lawn.
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