Some people think that grass is just grass. They believe that there is only one type and that all grass is the same. But, they are sadly mistaken. There are over 11,000 different types of grass that can comprise someone’s lawn. In this article, we will discuss a few of the most popular types of grass that people have.


The first type of grass that we will talk about is Zoysia grass. Zoysia grass originates in Asia and came to America in the 1800’s. It is a grass that is preferably grown in warmer weather. Some people prefer this grass because it does great in the summer heat and does well when people step on it. There are however a few negatives about this grass. One negative is that it takes a very long time for it to grow. So, if you need grass that will grow fast, we don’t recommend getting this kind. Another negative is that this grass needs extra attention. So, if you are a little lazy when it comes to taking care of your lawn, you might want to skip out on this kind of grass.

Bermuda Grass

Another type of grass that is popular is Bermuda grass. Bermuda is native to multiple countries including Asia and Europe. It is also a grass that is preferably grown in warmer weather. Some people prefer this grass because it tolerates the summer heat very well and it can heal itself after some damage. There are however a few negatives of having Bermuda grass. During the wintertime, Bermuda is not very appealing. It will turn a light brown color which will make your lawn look a little dead. Another negative of having Bermuda is that it does not do well against fungus. It can very easily develop multiple types of fungi which would not be healthy for your lawn.


The last type of grass we will talk about is one that is good in colder weather. A good cool weather grass is Fine Fescue. Fine Fescue originated in Europe. Some prefer this grass because it is very low maintenance. You will rarely have to water it since it gets a little rainy in the cooler times. It also handles frost very well if you live in a colder state. There are however a few negatives to this grass also. Since it is a little rainier in the colder weather, the grass is more susceptible to pests and other problems. Another negative is that it is not the softest type of grass. It is actually very uncomfortable to walk on if you are barefoot. So, if you have kids or you like to go out barefoot in your yard, you might not want this type of grass.

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